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2018 Predicted to Bring a Multitude of Success for the Medical Device & Implant Industries

Science has given mankind many miracles. But the most enduring and impactful of these has been the introduction and commercialization of modern medicine. It has single-handedly ended the reign of dreaded diseases, improved longevity and provided succour to those who are afflicted.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the medicines, medical devices and implants industries are poised to witness consistent growth not only in 2018 but over the next 10 years.

United States is a Thriving Devices and Implants Market:

The combined value of the various players in the medical devices sector is a staggering 155 billion USD.

Implants alone account for more than 70 billion USD.

There are a few reasons why the projected expansion of this space is extremely optimistic.

–       The population in the US is aging fast. Some of the Baby Boomers – the largest segment of the American population before the Millennials arrived on the scene have already touched the 70 years mark. It is estimated that more than 24% of US citizens will be 65 or older soon. The common maladies of age and bone degradation turn the elderly into busy consumers of medical services, devices, and therapy.

–       The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of generation Y is preparing the stage for spine issues and organ degeneration in the relatively young workforce as well. Both are managed through surgical interventions and the introduction of implantable support systems.

–       Insurance availability has peaked in the past few years. Even if the freedom to visit the doctor is curtailed because of reforms presented by the administration, there will still be people who can now afford medical devices and assistance, and they will opt for them to improve their lives further fuelling growth.

Hammill Medical is Ready to Play its Part

Market research puts orthopedic implants as a leader in the medical devices category. Hammill Medical is an ISO 13485 accredited and FDA registered manufacturer of medical devices specializing in orthopedic and spinal implants.

With the ability to see production through from original concept to high-quality finished item at our 90,000-sq. ft. state of the art facility, our name has inspired trust and embodied innovation for well over half a century.

We are the perfect partner for businesses looking to capitalize on the trend of implantable medical devices. For more information contact us today.

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Medical Advances in Technology: The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Over the past several years there have been many technological changes occurring within the medical and medical device industries. One in particular to note is the dramatic increase in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). As more procedures become less invasive, the better the outcome is for patients.

In traditional surgeries, recovery time can be anywhere from six to eight weeks — a long time for someone to be out of commission. With MIS, six to eight weeks drops down to around a two-week timeline.

Other benefits include reduced rate of infections, smaller incisions (which means less blood loss and less trauma to the patient), smaller scars from the incision which typically take only one or two stitches to close, and shortened hospital duration. Many MIS surgeries can be performed as outpatient surgeries or require less than a 24 hour hospital stay. As progression of technology within the medical industry advances, it looks like this surgery option is taking a front seat over older methods.

At Hammill Medical, we manufacture a wide range of MIS products, including MIS screws for spinal fusion surgery. MIS screws are just one example of the many manufacturing capabilities we have in-house. Our competencies include up to 13-axis Swiss-type CNC turning, 6-axis CNC mill and turn capability, 50,000 RPM machining, Laser Welding, media blasting, assembly, including bar code lot control traceability, high-energy tumbling, and laser identification.

We also offer CNC profile grinding, robotic finishing cells, 5-axis machining, 5-axis mill and turn, CNC turning, validated cleaning and passivation, and in-house tooling, fixture and gage manufacturing for a wide variety of products. We work from concept to design and all the way through the manufacturing process for high-quality products at an affordable price.

In addition to our cost-effective services, we believe in superior customer service and interaction. We strive to exceed the goals and expectations of all of our customers.

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More than Just a Pretty Smile: Dental Implants Improve Well Being

Ask a person their least favorite doctor and many will say ‘the dentist.’ It’s unfortunate that preventative dental checkups are often skipped or ignored altogether. Without proper care, teeth are prone to cavities, plaque, rot, and gum disease. Oral health has been shown to influence total body health and is extremely important.

Today’s dental technologies offer many new and exciting options for replacing teeth lost to disease, injury, or age. Medical devices designed exclusively for the dental industry are expected to increase as the market for dental implants and prosthetics grows. With the use of CAD/CAM technologies in dentistry, implants offer permanent solutions for replacing teeth.

The aging baby boomers are largely responsible for the increases in the dental implant and prosthetics market. Increased awareness of available options combined with rising disposable incomes are driving the development of new treatments in the dental industry. Traditional treatments include crowns, bridges, and dentures; newer implant technology is becoming more widely utilized.

With improvements in materials, manufacturing, and provider experience, dental implants are proving to be an excellent and more permanent choice among patients and practitioners. The benefits of implants over other types of restorations are many. To replace a missing tooth, an implant fills the space completely without modifications to the surrounding teeth. Implants consist of a titanium post implanted into the jawbone acting as the root of the new ‘tooth.’ A crown is attached to the post and the implant, once fully healed into the bone, should last a lifetime. According to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the success rate of dental implants is extremely high (up to 98%).

A recent study by researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine studied the quality of life after treatment to replace missing teeth in women suffering from osteoporosis. Women who had received dental implants reported the highest level of satisfaction with their work and social lives. Dental implants offer many advantages over just appearance. They improve oral health, enable patients to continue to eat as they did before, do not cause speech impediments, and are comfortable in the mouth.

As a premier medical device manufacturer we know how important it is to produce quality implant materials that will provide a patient an excellent quality of life. In dentistry, the ability to replace teeth with seamless replacements hasn’t been possible in the past. With dental implants, all of that is changing and Hammill Medical stands at the forefront of expanding our quality implants.