However You Define It, At Hammill Medical We Are Committed To Safety In Manufacturing

There’s a lot of talk about safety and security in the media these days, and this topic of conversation is even more popular than usual this month: according to the National Safety Council (NSC), June is National Safety Month. The NSC website says, “National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.”

The NSC’s objective for National Safety Month encompasses a lot: covering workplace safety, safety at home, and safety in communities. How you define “safety” can be just as National Safety Month Logovaried, with a wide range of possible definitions. Safety is a general topic, and the description of “safety” is often determined by the circumstances or environment you are involved in or talking about; whether you’re talking about physical safety or other types of safety threats. Even when you get more specific and narrow down the topic of safety, as it affects business and industry, the definition can vary. From manufacturing operations practices and employee safety, to IT security and Internet security concerns, “safety” in manufacturing industries covers a lot of territory and includes an assortment of related topics.

However you define it, we are committed to safety at Hammill Medical. Our commitment to safety extends to everything we do, and to everyone affected by the medical implants and medical devices we manufacture. We follow the FDA’s mandated guidelines, which regulate manufacturing practices and operations for medical industry manufacturers, but our commitment to safety goes even further. We also stay on top of the latest manufacturing safety trends and safety-related news.

Currently, a trending safety-related news topic is the safety of manufacturing companies’ IT and communication networks – especially where operations are automated and controlled by computer-based networks. Think about all of the network “hacking” incidents we’ve been hearing about lately in the news… Now imagine how disruptive (and possibly destructive) it could be to a company’s manufacturing operations if their network was ever hacked! A report on says, “Production facilities and components of Industry 4.0 are linked to the Internet, networked with each other, and thus open to attack.” The report goes on to explain how researchers in an IT laboratory are now offering a test environment in order to simulate attacks on computer networks to detect any safety gaps.

Conducting safety awareness campaigns and employee safety programs, following FDA guidelines for manufacturing practices, doing testing, and simulating manufacturing operations are just some of the ways manufacturing companies can exhibit their commitment to safety. We do whatever we can to keep everyone safe, and, like we said before; however you define it, we are committed to safety at Hammill Medical!

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