Can Baseball Really Take a toll on its Players?

In our March 2016 blog we wrote about the injuries football players endure while playing the game. As we come to the end of baseball season, we’re taking a look at the injuries these players are susceptible to as well. Although baseball isn’t a direct contact sport, daily games that involve throwing, batting and fielding can cause players serious injuries too.

Here’s a fact you might now know: many baseball players spend a considerable amount of time on the disabled list (DL) throughout their careers. The injuries range from minor muscle pulls to more serious orthopedic injuries. The American Journal of Orthopedics published a report, “Injury Trends in Major League Baseball Over 18 Seasons: 1998-2015.” Here we learn that the # 1 cause of placement on the DL was shoulder injuries followed by arm/elbow, and chest, back, and spine.

While most elbow issues are amongst pitchers, catchers are especially susceptible to shoulder injuries in the scenario of throwing to second in a steal situation. Shoulders become at risk of bursitis, rotator cuff tears and inflammation, shoulder instability, and shoulder separation. Since throwing hard is part of the game, all players are vulnerable to shoulder injuries.

Team medical updates: Last year, the Dodgers lost pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu to shoulder labrum surgery and at the beginning of the 2016 season, Mets starting catcher, Travis d’Arnaud, dealt with a strained rotator cuff.

Back and neck injuries are also plaguing the league as players are suffering from spinal stenosis, herniated cervical disks, and stress fractures of the spine.

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As summer and MLB seasons start to wind down it means the start of the k-12 sports seasons. We are well aware of the injuries kids are susceptible to when playing organized sports. Keep an eye out for our future blog that takes a look at FIFA 11 and preventing soccer injuries.