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Prototype Manufacturing & Product Development

Hammill Medical has engineering and manufacturing resources dedicated to Prototype Manufacturing and New Product Development.  We develop new products and bring them to market faster than anyone in the industry today.

  • Engineering Support – From Concept  through Design into manufacturing, and on through testing and FDA submission,  our engineers work closely with our customers to turn ideas into finished  products.
  • Validated Manufacturing Processes – Our  approach is to manufacture prototypes using “production-intent” processes.  In so doing, we validate the production  process and eliminate any surprises at launch.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities – Dedicated to Prototype  Cell (only)
    • 5-Axis Machining
    •  8-Axis  Swiss Turning
    • Wire and RAM EDM
    • Gun Drilling
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • CNC Grinding
    • CNC Mill / Turn Machining
    • Laser Welding
    • Assembly
    • Laser Identification
Jr-5 Axismach Part Drawing Part Drawing Fill

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Hammill Manufacturing Company | Experience - Quality - Integrity - Committment